Services Offered

Founded by Dr. Jenny Conviser, ASCENDchc offers sports psychology programs to help athletes reach peak performance, whether they are preparing for the next local community competition, a national championship, or the Olympics. ASCENDchc meets each athlete at the point where behavior and physiology intersect, addressing both performance and health related issues.


Sport Psychology Support Services

Appropriate for all ages, parents, coaches, & athletic trainers. AscendCHC provides athletes with support to reach your highest potential. Sport Psychology Support has grown enormously as a discipline in the last two decades and remains highly relevant for youth, college and professional athletes as well as parents and coaches. Importantly, it is well understood that the athlete is part of an important and larger influential structure.

Does my child or teen: 

  • Look forward to practice?
  • Enjoy teammates and fellow artists?
  • Feel liked by coaches or teachers?
  • Love competition?
  • Bounce back after losses?
  • Rarely complains of injury or fatigue? 
  • Feel sad when the season ends?
  • Have fun most every day?

Education and Support for Parents, Coaches and Teachers

  • Communication Skills To Promote Excellence.
  • Support and education for parents, coaches, teachers.
  • Learn strategies for: Communication for optimal performance, helping others take charge of their own success, problem solving to promote excellence, and motivational strategies.

AscendCHC will help you to optimize your efforts, supporting children, teens and adults on their way to greater success! Find answers to your questions about how to effectively pursue success.


Education and Psychotherapy

The Chicago Sport and Performance Institute is dedicated to supporting the pursuit of excellence and joy in performance; sport, artistic, academic, music, and theater, while respecting human dignity andpromoting physical and emotional health.

The staff at ASCENDchc enjoy supporting the success of performers of any age.  We help you to organize your efforts and skills and assist you in realizing the achievements you imagine.

Finding Strategies for Success:

  • Coping with Stage Anxiety
  • Achieving Peak Concentration
  • Discovering Optimal Points of Focus
  • Connections for Artistry
  • Expectations that Motivate
  • Winning the Warm-Up
  • Personally Defining Success