ASCEND provides a secure foothold and welcoming environment, to uniquely support you, your goals and values. We are partners in your journey of improved emotional awareness and a more healthy sense of self. ASCEND is less about finding what is broken and more about understanding health, well-being, and what is right. Through connection with self and others, patience, compassion, and caring, we reestablish a foundation of resilience and strength as you rediscover you.

Passion is found, inspiration is born, and a path is discovered. This is ASCEND.


Behavioral Health Care

Compassionate, comprehensive behavioral health care to improve emotional health, artistic performance, professional excellence and/or athletic achievement for individuals of all ages. Our programs are tailored specifically to the needs of each individual offering a spectrum of care and supervision.

  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Safe and respectful learning environment
  • Care befitting individual needs and values.
  • Licensed and credentialed staff
  • Adjunctive and collaborative care

ASCEND believes that no individual deserves shame or blame for an emotional illness and that all individuals can recover when provided appropriate care over an adequate period of time.

Sport Performance Psychology

As founder of the Illinois Sport and Performance Institute, ASCEND provides superior care for novice and elite athletes, artists, performers and professionals.

Whether your 'stage' is the ice rink, soccer field, concert hall, or board room, ASCEND's team offers tools and guidance to build confidence in competition, overcome distraction, optimize performance and achieve goals. ASCEND appreciates that excellence in performance occurs most often in an environment of respect, optimism, persistence and joy.

Individuals achieve excellence with the support of others. Ascend provides training for supporting team members to strengthen effective communication and manage related stress:

  • Coaches, Teachers
  • Athletic Trainers and Medical Support Staff
  • Parents, Family Members, Spouse

Chicago bioDensity

BioDensity offers "osteogenic loading", as a natural and non- pharmaceutical approach for improving bone mineral density. Once-weekly sessions help to achieve stronger bones, better balance and healthy muscles with measurable results. 

Our trained technicians are with you every step of the way to ensure safety and effectiveness.  

Professional staff at Chicago bioDensity collaborate with your current treatment providers to coordinate care.  

  • Osteogenic loading may be combined with other bone density treatment already underway
  • Osteogenic loading may be beneficial for adults of any age

Nutrition assessment and dietary planning are conducted by our registered dietitians. Nutritional care is available to support improved bone health.