Nutrition Support and Intervention

ASCEND's Registered Dietitians provide thoughtful care, targeting personal goals and values. A full spectrum of nutritional support is available to proficiently address a variety of nutritional concerns. Our dietitians expertly adjust interventions and approaches as your needs evolve. 

Respecting people of all sizes. Realizing unique individual nutritional needs. Appreciating nutrition as a vital component of good health, focus, energy, and well-being. 


Our Dietitians Specialize In:

Supporting Recovery from Eating Disorders
Binge Eating Disorder
ARFID (Picky Eating)
Type I or II Diabetes
Irritable bowel syndrome
Managing high cholesterol
Overcoming overeating and emotional eating
Preserving healthy bone density
via diet support


Care Provided by our
Registered Dietitians:  

- Nutritional assessment
- Individualized meal planning
- Supervised therapeutic meals
- Resting metabolic rate testing (RMR)
- Mindful and intuitive eating approaches
- Interpreting cues for hunger and satiety
- Goal setting for behavioral chang
- Exposures to remedy food related anxiety


Elite Performance:
Nutrition for Sport, Dance, and Performance Excellence


- Nutrition for optimal focus and  concentration
- Re-fueling following sport or dance
- Addressing weight related concerns for sport, dance,and performance
- Nutrition for coping with competition anxiety
- Managing food sensitivities or allergies
- Tips for optimal hydration
- Protein for Intensive physical training
- Managing meals and snacks on the road

Nutrition counseling that makes a difference.

Additional support is available at ASCEND to help you sustain diet and nutrition changes. Individual, group, family, and couples psychotherapy services are available to support your progress. Nutrition education for those around you can secure the understanding, support and encouragement that makes a difference
for your success.