"...Ascend is my safe place, my place to fall down and rise up, my place to make the unknowns known and turn my secret into my story.."

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— Ascend Adult Client

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— Ascend Adolescent Client
My perfectionistic tendencies did not become an issue until they began to take a toll on my physical and mental health during one year of high school. Ed began to slowly gain strength, beginning with my workout and eating habits, organizational standards, and obsessive checking....After nearly two years of struggling, which included significant weight loss and weekends spent locked in my room studying, my family finally forced me to confront Ed. The journey was neither easy nor fun. The rigid tendencies that Ed had introduced during that first year were now deeply-ingrained habits that provided me with a temporary sense of comfort. I began to see a professional who trained me to challenge Ed.
— Ascend Adolescent Client
My focus has shifted from rigid, structured behaviors to embracing the beauty of being flexible. I am now able to laugh things off that used to make me extremely panicky, including trying a new brand of Greek yogurt or making an accidental pen mark on my paper. I feel a great sense of pride at each of these little victories during the day.
— Ascend Client