As founder of the Illinois Sport and Performance Institute, ASCEND provides superior care for elite and novice athletes, artists, performers, and professionals. Whether your 'stage' is on the ice rink, soccer field, concert hall, or board room, ISPI's team offers tools and guidance to build confidence and strength in competition, manage distractions, optimize performance, and reach your goals.

ISPI can provide assistance with the following skills and create a customized treatment plan for elite performers of all types.

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Musicians, Dancers, Artists, & Performers

ASCEND promotes excellence in performance and life through education, insight, coaching, skill development, and considering the health of the community around you. ASCEND helps you build skills that empower resilience from within while protecting your overall health and enthusiasm for what you love to do:

•    Overcoming obstacles
•    Understanding past distractions
•    Coping with adversity
•    Excelling under pressure
•    Realizing your dreams


The college athlete has more to juggle than ever before. More hours of training, conditioning, and travel. More demanding classes and expenses. Surrounded by extreme expectations from others, it is challenging to keep a cool head and find "balance" in your life. Don't do it alone. ASCEND can help:

•    Test anxiety, procrastination, social anxiety
•    Competition jitters, lost confidence, low mood
•    Complicated team and/or coaching dynamics
•    Overcoming sports injury
•    Navigating social relationships
•    Support for alcohol and/or substance use
•    Emotional overeating, eating disorder recovery

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The board room, medical clinic, government office and academic community can feel like their own athletic event. ASCEND's team can help you thrive, and not just survive, with your mental and physical health in good order. Take a side step to ASCEND and we will help you move forward and excel.

•    Navigating office politics
•    Overcoming barriers to success
•    Managing emotional eating
•    Sustaining sobriety
•    Stress management
•    Effective communication
•    Reaffirming identity and goals



  • Communication Skills To Promote Excellence.
  • Support and education for parents, coaches, teachers.
  • Learn strategies for: Communication for optimal performance, helping others take charge of their own success, problem solving to promote excellence, and motivational strategies.

Ascend will help you to optimize your efforts, supporting children, teens and adults on their way to greater success! Find answers to your questions about how to effectively pursue success.