Parents & Families


We are privileged to work with parents and families, understanding that compassionate communication is fundamental in healing relationships. We consider family members and their respective communities to be valued parts of the healing and success that their loved ones will soon realize. All are treated with respect and dignity. There is no place for shame or blame. Parents are committed to their children's well being. We learn your history and needs, and grow together.


Supporting Excellence

Parenting books do not always describe how to parent the elite athlete, superior musician, young artist, or scholar. The path for each family and their child is unique. ASCEND provides support and empowerment by:

  • Building confidence
  • Managing distractions
  • Mastering controllables
  • Communication for overall health
  • Stress management
  • Excelling in competition
  • Navigating the press and social media

Parenting a Child with Special Needs

It is time to avoid assumptions. Parenting a child with special needs means that you work harder at being a parent everyday and all day. It can be exhausting. Parents and families benefit from individualized special support and creative problem solving. The old rules do not fit. Your path is unique. ASCEND carefully and thoughtfully hears your needs and creates supportive programming to move your lives forward. Psychotherapy and psycho-education are provided for parents, families, and caregivers.


Supporting Healthy Nutrition

Feeding our children and teens has never been more complicated. Knowing what to say and what not to say can be hard to navigate. Supporting nutrition for an elite athlete, managing the picky eater, helping to support eating disorder recovery, or coping with emotional overeating is work ASCEND feels passionate about.

ASCEND's certified dietitians organize and simplify the scientific facts and the most beneficial psychological strategies for you.

•    Nutrition assessment
•    Emotional overeating
•    Therapeutic meals
•    Food exposures
•    Mindful eating training
•    Sport nutrition analysis and planning
•    Eating disorder recovery


Healthy Communication

ASCEND is committed to supporting parents and families. We seek to improve communication, clarify values and needs, and strengthen interpersonal boundaries. Communication skills empower, strengthen, and bring renewed confidence and connection to individuals and their families through:

  • Education
  • Psychotherapy
  • Ongoing support
  • Collaboration with all providers

Helping Children Navigate Academics

Our children have more school hours, homework, pressure about grades, greater expectations for after school activities, and stressful social relationships. Family and relaxation time are harder and harder to find.

Our staff at ASCEND helps with:
•    Stress management
•    Test anxiety
•    Time and organizational management
•    Combatting procrastination
•    Avoiding the pitfalls of social media
•    Grief and loss
•    Coping with trauma


Helping Children Cope with Bullying

The prevalence of bullying continues to increase in communities. Many of our children or someone we know will be impacted by bullying. Lower confidence in social, academic, or other pursuits such as music, art and sport, may result.

ASCEND's team can help:

•    Empower children and teens
•    Develop better self advocating skills
•    Preserve confidence
•    Build emotional and mental resilience
•    Strengthen skills for critical thinking
•    Create effective problem solving