What is bioDensity?

The bioDensity system is designed to increase bone mineral, muscle fiber, and connective tissue density. The compressive force loading action occurs through four different activities. 

How long is a single bioDensity session?

Your first bioDensity session will take approximately 30 minutes. All subsequent sessions take less than 10 minutes.

Is bioDensity safe?

Yes. There have been thousands of bioDensity sessions completed with no reported injuries. Each session is individualized and designed to meet your needs. All sessions are monitored by trained technicians for safety. 

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What will I do in the bioDensity session?

During the bioDensity session you will be asked to produce a single maximal force for five seconds in four positions:

1. Forward using your hands
2. Forward using your feet
3. Upward using your knees  
4. Upward using your legs, trunk and arms

What does the bioDensity report tell me?

The bioDensity report is a visual representation of the average maximal loads reached during each bioDensity session. In each graph you will see your baseline reading, as well as the information recorded from the previous ten sessions. 

How long does it take to make changes in bone density?

Studies show the effectiveness of osteogenic loading in its ability to improve bone mineral density.

These changes take approximately 30-36 weeks of training. All people do not obtain the same results. For some, change is seen in as little as 24 weeks.



Will my muscles feel "sore" after a bioDensity Session?

Unlike traditional weight training, you should not experience the muscle soreness that is usually associated with that type of work. Because each position only requires five seconds of higher intensity work, your body will not produce the byproducts that cause muscle soreness. 

After completing a bioDensity session you will feel like you’ve completed physical work. You will feel warm (from increased blood circulation and work completed by the muscles) and you will notice an improvement in your posture (from the decompression of the spine and joints from the impact loading). You may feel short term muscle fatigue, but not soreness.

Why does it work? 

The body responds to stress. In the same way that muscles get stronger and larger with training, bones adapt under compressing forces. The scientific law that allows us to predict that bones will get stronger is called Wolf's Law, that demonstrated that bones increase in strength when they experience the right amount of pressure. BioDensity is designed to have you place very brief but adequate  pressure on your musculoskeletal system. The moment your body senses the right amount of stimulus, it responds by growing new bone tissue naturally.


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One should consult a physician before any exercise program, including a program involving the use of either the Power Plate or bioDensity device. Anyone with any known medical conditions or physical limitations on their ability to exercise, is strongly recommend one seeks the advice of a physician before using these technologies or participation in any form of exercise. If while using these devices one feels dizzy, faint, short of breath, or has any pain, one should stop using the device immediately and inform the staff person as well as consult with their physician.