BioDensity is a non-pharmaceutical therapy known as osteogenic loading used to achieve increased bone density and stronger muscles. During weekly sessions lasting fewer than 15 minutes, patients perform four specialized “trigger events” monitored by a trained technician to deliver the precise stimulus needed to activate the body’s natural adaptive responses. BioDensity's unique system helps people of all ages reach this limit without causing pain, muscle soreness, or fatigue.

See our Feature in Crain's Chicago Business

See our Feature in Crain's Chicago Business



BioDensity's exercise is based on the principals of osteogenic loading. Osteogenic loading is a brief, intensive resistance exercise, designed to stimulate the bones natural ability to increase its density.  Osteogenic loading "forces" have been shown to help maintain or increase bone mass.

An estimated 1.5 million individuals suffer a fracture as a result of osteoporotic bones each year. BioDensity's osteogenic loading exercise helps rebuild and recalcify  bone structure.

Prior to the research on osteogenic loading technology and the bioDensity system, bisphosphonate medications were one of the few treatment options available for patients with osteoporosis and osteopenia. The non-pharmaceutical bioDensity system enables you to place a very brief but adequate pressure on your musculoskeletal system, signaling the body to add new bone and muscle tissue. These adaptive responses are perfectly natural, and the results are both real and measurable.


During a weekly visit to the bioDensity office, one will complete four specialized “trigger events” monitored by a trained technician to deliver the precise stimulus needed to improve bone mineral density. The force that you produce will be like pushing an object of significant weight and size in four different directions:

  1. Forward using your hands

  2. Forward using your feet

  3. Upward using your knees

  4. Upward using your legs, trunk and arms

BioDensity's unique system allows people of all ages to participate without causing pain, muscle soreness or fatigue. Each of the four osteogenic loading activities only takes a few seconds to complete, and the entire session will take ten to 15 minutes. There’s no need to change into gym clothes.

What Will I Do in the bioDensity Session?


All osteogenic loading activity is electronically documented. Individualized progress reports are provided to all participant and their primary care physician (with written permission). This information is used to insure continued progress and individual safety. 

The bioDensity report is a visual representation of each bioDensity session. In each graph showing results for Chest Press, Leg Press, Core Pull and Vertical Lift, you will see baseline results, as well as the results from the previous ten sessions. The report will also document overall increase in performance since beginning bioDensity. Feedback after each visit is available. 

People using the bioDensity system (who have had bone DEXA scans within 12 months) have shown a 4 to 12% increase in bone density.

Regardless of age, anyone can benefit from bioDensity. For people suffering from osteoporosis, bioDensity is often a lifeline, offering positive results for patients without harmful side effects. 

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Appointments & Questions

Chicago Biodensity

For additional questions or to schedule an appointment at one of our three Chicago bioDensity locations, please contact our team at: 312.283.2650. 

One should consult a physician before any exercise program, including a program involving the use of either the Power Plate or bioDensity device. Anyone with any known medical conditions or physical limitations on their ability to exercise, is strongly recommend one seeks the advice of a physician before using these technologies or participation in any form of exercise. If while using these devices one feels dizzy, faint, short of breath, or has any pain, one should stop using the device immediately and inform the staff person as well as consult with their physician.