ASCEND C-U Is Talking About It

Our therapists spread the word about eating disorders during NEDA Awareness Week 2017: 


Ascend Champaign-Urbana team member Christina Figueroa, MS, RD, LD presented a guest lecture titled, “Eating Disorders in the Community” on February 16, 2017 to undergraduate students at the University of Illinois. The goal of the course is to provide an introductory overview of some of the most prevalent mental health conditions within the community. Ascend was invited for the second time by Dr. Robyn Gobin, licensed clinical psychologist and Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois in the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health. Christina reviewed statistics and key characteristics of eating disorders (ED), potential risk factors and causes of eating disorders, and what “warning signs” to look for. They also discussed Ascend’s multidisciplinary approach to ED treatment and reviewed community resources available to residents should they need to seek therapy or nutritional counseling services, including Ascend’s outpatient & intensive outpatient programs (IOP).

"Reflecting back on my time grade school and university, I wish there was more education regarding mental health topics. It seems that the focus has always been on physical health or sexual health and somewhere in between mental health just got brushed aside. I think it’s important to bridge that gap and decrease the taboo around mental health topics. After all, how can you truly be “healthy” if you are not taking care of your WHOLE self?"

-Christina Figueroa

70% of people suffering from ED do not seek treatment, but of those that do seek treatment, it is estimated that 80% will go into remission or recover. 

NEDA website 


Therapist Nicole Busch, MSW and dietetic intern Briauna Pate visited with University (Uni) High School students on Wednesday, March 1st to discuss eating disorder awareness and answer questions submitted by the students regarding nutrition and healthy lifestyles. Topics included building a balanced plate, debunking fad diets, causes and warning signs of disordered eating, other mental health challenges, and community resources. Ascend staff was invited to speak as part of the Nutrition Unit in the course curriculum, which is timely with #NEDAwarenessWeek and the first day of National Nutrition Month!