Positive Affirmations

Redirecting negative thoughts into a theme of positivity is difficult. When one makes the effort to be mindful and focus energy through affirmations or constructive thinking, benefits unfold. Improving one’s thinking and using positive words and phrases lessens negative thoughts. Critical thoughts damage how we treat ourselves and others. Often, people are so accustomed to their negative viewpoints, they do not realize the pattern of this harmful thinking.

At Ascend, we believe that shifting in one’s approach of how to view oneself is transformative.  First, recognizing the pattern of negativity and “catching” one’s caustic thoughts. Moreover, having the inner resources and patience to reframe one’s point of view requires. Affirmations can be viewed as “fluff,” yet, if you challenge the fundamental way you look at yourself, that is hard work! And, it's worth it.




What kind of affirmations could be beneficial to you?

Use a statement that starts with “I” and ends with something broad, yet realistic. It does not have to be something you believe right now, but by reaffirming it on a daily basis it will hopefully become something you believe in. If it helps, write the affirmation on a notecard to keep with you. 

Is negative thinking affecting your day-to-day life?
Do you wish you could change your thinking?

Affirming constructive words will help support those same written words, hopefully creating a stronger belief.