Super Bowl Tips - Navigating the Party

Super Bowl Sunday is a day heavily concentrated on parties surrounding watching the game. This can include lots of food and lots of drink.  If you are in recovery from substance abuse or an eating disorder, parties can be especially triggering. Below please see a few tips from our staff on how to plan for a fun and safe night. 

Tips for those in recovery from substance abuse:

  • Make a plan with your sponsor beforehand—ask that either they or a loved one be available should you need to make a quick phone call to check-in.

  • Practice the buddy system. Have a friend accompany you who knows what is going on and can support you in the moment should you feel triggered or experience urges.

  • Bring a non-alcoholic beverage that you enjoy to sip on. Don’t wait to see what options are available for you to drink as there may not be any. Bring a fun craft soda or sparkling water. If feeling inspired, make a batch of mocktails to share with the group.

  • Tips for navigating food:

  • Have balanced meals beforehand. “Saving calories” for the big game typically backfires and can result in a binge later on. Try to have a protein-containing snack beforehand so you enter the party feeling satiated.

  • If you are unsure of what food will be at the party, volunteer to bring a food item. Pick something that you will enjoy and can be shared by all. Keep it simple: cheese and crackers or premade dip and veggies for example.

  • Do a walk through: Often times at Super Bowl parties there is a lengthy buffet spread and it can be overwhelming. Peruse all the options before even picking up a plate. This way you can choose the foods that you really enjoy and determine how much you might need to fit your meal plan before serving yourself.

  • Plan ahead: If you are feeling anxious about the food portion of the party, try to plan ahead and decide what you might choose to have given the foods that are typically available. Knowing your food game plan ahead of time allows you to enjoy all the other aspects of the Super Bowl, like football or the commercials.