Welcome! AscendCHC reevaluates "New Year, New You"

Ascend Consultation in Health Care is pleased to debut our new blog. In collaboration with our efforts at the Illinois Sport and Performance Institute, and Chicago BioDensity, this is a new platform for our staff to share our perspectives and knowledge to a broader audience. We welcome any thoughts, questions, or comments as we unroll this new venture. 


For the inaugural post, we wanted to share our challenges to the assumption, "New Year, New You."  So often the public and media use the month of January as a way to market self-improvement and drastic changes that are often unsustainable and can create feels of defeat if unsuccessful.   We posed to our staff, how would you reword this phrase and why?  Here are a few excerpts from our staff

“New Year, More You!” With so much to occupy our thinking in the news, our families and communities, we can easily forget to celebrate ourselves!   It’s a year to celebrate you. Look for small self-care moments: listen to favorite songs, simplify your day, say “no” to things that don’t really matter, throw a snow ball, feel the rain on your face, laugh more, and sleep better. These moments of giving to yourself will collect and contribute over the year to a healthier and happier you!  –Dr. Jenny Conviser

"New Year, Best Yet" I chose this because rather than focus on re-creation of self or change, I feel it's a more hopeful view of growth. My patients have inspired me with their goals and aspirations for this New Year; and I look forward to supporting them throughout their journey towards positivity and increased hope. – Lacey Sewell

“New Year, New Perspectives” It is easy to get stuck in polarized thinking. When we allow ourselves to take in different perspectives, we may learn new things about ourselves, our wants, needs and may be able to see ourselves with a bit more compassion. – Kristen Webb and Sarah Halvorson

“New Year, New Opportunities” The New Year brings a sense of opportunity for me. Perhaps it is a reminder that every day is an opportunity to try something new. An opportunity to be more kind to yourself or others or approach situations with fresh eyes. Whatever it may be, I hope 2017 is filled with opportunities! – Christina Figueroa

“New Year, Slow Down” The hustle and bustle of everyday life makes it harder to recognize or act on what one might need.  By saying “no” more to others requests, and creating space in one’s life, may become more attuned to what they want.  They can then begin to focus on how to get there, even if that is to just stay still. –Katherine McClayton