Individual Psychotherapy

We will help you identify what is important to you, orienting treatment to what you value. There is no shame or blame. There is only support and learning. Licensed professional staff with highly specialized training will be a partner in moving forward and reaching your goals.


Therapy for Teens and Adult Men

ASCEND understands that it is difficult to ask for help. However, we know that men deserve support for mental and emotional health matters. No matter how professionally accomplished, athletically superior, or musically renowned, men will benefit from compassionate and thoughtful care for mood, anxiety, stress, trauma, emotional overeating, eating disorders, sustaining sobriety, and more. There is no need to manage alone.


Mood & Anxiety

Interventions for improved mood and reduced anxiety begin with knowing more about the source of these emotions and what they communicate. Discussions need not be lengthy, but they must be thoughtful. We look for more than a temporary fix or a fleeting distraction. We help clear and resilient strategies grow from within for better life-long personal control, hope, and satisfaction. We are less about a quick fix and more about empowerment.


Group Psychotherapy

ASCEND's innovative groups utilize evidenced-based and experiential practices. We use a multi-disciplinary approach to care and value collaboration with outside treatment providers.

- Adolescent Mood, Communication, and Behavior
- Binge Eating and Emotional Overeating
- Diabetic and Eating Support for Children & Teens
- Sustaining Sobriety
- DBT for Mood and Behavior
- Eating Disorders
- Trauma History
- Parenting Complex Lives