Making It Better

Kids and teens find a safe space with professionals who "get it" at ASCEND. 

Building internal emotional resilience at ASCEND allows children to more confidently and comfortably pursue their interests and dreams. Ideas thrive, motivation is restored, and strengths are discovered. A path of excellence and promise is created. We help children and teens discover themselves and grow through caring and connected relationships.



At ASCEND we often see that individuals and families are already:

- Trying hard
- Wanting things to feel better
- Desiring more control
- Seeking to feel closer as a family
- Wishing to be less isolated and less conflicted
- Wanting to feel successful

Ascend is privileged to work with smart and loving people and their families. ASCEND respects the strengths of each individual and sees the challenges of the culture within which they live. We find that we can help teens and parents apply their energies differently in order to find the results they hope for.



Targeted Care

- Relieving low mood and anxiety
- Improving stress management, procrastination
- Building interpersonal confidence and      communication
- Treating emotional overeating, anorexia, bulimia, - and binge eating
- Emotional coping with diabetes
- Coping with social relationships
- Strengthening identity development
- Finding excellence in sport and performance 


Licensed Professional Staff


Licensed professional staff including psychologists, marriage and family therapists, dietitians, exercise physiologists, social workers, certified yoga instructors, and art therapists collaborate carefully with all your children's treatment providers or care givers. Working closely with your son or daughter's medical team, we listen carefully and thoughtfully to your goals and interests and target support and intervention around your needs. Individual, group, family, intensive outpatient programming, and specialty care services are developed to fit the needs of each individual and their family.

ASCEND provides superior Evidenced Based Behavioral Health Care in a respectful and thoughtful environment.        

ASCEND is credentialed by CARF.